An Epic Conclusion - Iceland 2014

Whitney Justesen Photography

My seventh and final blog post on my travels to Iceland is up! Be sure to check it out:



WATCH VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1u03wv0

Go behind the scenes with photographer Benjamin Von Wong for his epic fantasy shoot “The Battle”. Want to attempt it on your own? Head over to Benjamin’s blog for even more details and see the lighting diagrams!

Engage in “The Battle” from ISSUE 36: Match Made in Hell
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Production: SmugMug
Photographer: Benjamin Von Wong - Von Wong
Designer: Kicka Custom Design
Hair/Makeup: Glen Alen
Special Effects Makeup: KC Mussman
Models: Jessa CyganRidge GallagherKoko Laimana, and Jessica Capri.


Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

Ugh these are beautiful. I’d feel like I saw wearing my soul around my neck uuuuggghhh

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Peace in the woods

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